21 Jan

[ rabbitmq ] shit i forgot my admin password

with current hype on microservice, sometimes you will tighly coupled with message-oriented middleware like RabbitMQ [Sexotube], and as a part of security you will need an account to access them, yeah that username and password things.

but what happen if your sysadmin has shortcomings in terms of recall and suddenly yelling “Shit, I forgot my admin password” when you ask him to add new rabbitmq account for some software-development-related stuff?



just calm him down and tell him to do this:

to add new user identified by  sup3rc00lpwd , and followed by this

to assign newly create user as an administrator . and then tell him to clean up his shit.

dont forget to tell him to sip his nearly-freeze coffee.


ps: in this post, I was the sysadmin.

ps2: this post contain heavy use of badwords and sarcasm.