27 Jan

[Scrapy] ‘scrapyd.webservice’ doesn’t define any object named ‘DaemonStatus’

I was using scrapy v1.0.3 and scrapyd v1.1.0 when I got "Module 'scrapyd.webservice' doesn't define any object named 'DaemonStatus'"  error as I throw deploy command through my scrapyd-client .

let me at 'em

let me at ’em

I doesnt know exactly why scrapinghub team doesnt release a new package to pypi, the documentation of scrapyd allready showing the latest docs describing about DaemonStatus.json  endpoint, but the latest package on cheese-shop still doestn provide this function.

In case you’re hurry and need this to be fixed asap, just pull the code from their github repo, I’m using this version [c7b98c].
extract, and install it. restart your scrapyd and everything just fine except you still cannot access the daemonstatus.json  endpoint.

naah not bad, at least I still can manage to deploy my latest spider to the production server.


if you are working with virtualenv, make sure you activate the virtualenv before firing these command

after that, resume your delayed task.