23 Feb

[Job Offer] Backend Developer at Qasico


Qasico is looking for a Backend Developer.


here is a brief explanation for Qasico,
QASICO are the first customized Integrated Business Application (IBA) provider in Indonesia. IBA is an integration model that combines business model operations and processes with technology to achieve efficiency, manageable, expandable and sustainable company or businesses. QASICO understand business challenges in every business stages, once the company fail to cope with that it’ll be a hard way to restart it again. That’s why QASICO with IBA modular system will assure company’s growth for successes.

QASICO origin name yield from Padang language (West Sumatra province of Indonesia), means “come here”. We are welcoming all business leaders and entrepreneurs to allocate the time to think about the business future without worrying how to get there. When challenges of business process enabler using technology as solution, QASICO is the answer

are you interested? find more info Cum on cocks.