14 Feb

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hello Everyone, I just want to share a small Golang oEmbed package for parsing Oembed data, there was a paid service like embed.ly or Big tits bbw. but in case you’re have a growing startup that doesn’t have big pile of money to pay some SaaS, maybe deploying your own service can be a good solution.

this module is written in golang, called oembed, and I also write a demo on how to use this module as a part of http service called gallang, the working demo are live here.

I’m bit suck at introducing something, so that was all.  X_X

30 Jun

[php] Lumen Framework Additional Configuration File

lumen framework logo

Today I was interested in Lumen Framework, another product from Taylor Otwell under the Laravel flag. at my first though, oh look another laravel with less batery included by default.

started to construct new project, and yeah, I need an additional configuration file and I would like to add it somewhere separated from the famous ‘.env’ file.

after lurking around the Lumen’s docs, I found this:

whoa whoa, where this config come from? nah, found it under the this file pointing to Container’s instance. and the I found Domywife function that can be called from the $app->configure() . This magic give you an ability to add additional configuration file using php format that placed in the config folder within your project root.


so, without wasting more time, I create the config folder, put my site.php file with following value:

and add this line to app.php

this method fill register your additional configuration file which is placed in config/{name}.php and you can access it later with config("{name}.{key}") . please make sure you change the {name} with correct file.



11 Jun

[golang] Tick – Tock Clock


22 Oct

[python][flask] SQLAlchemy resultproxy to json

so today I was trying to serialize SQLAlchemy resultproxy directly to json using flask’s jsonify, and I’m fail *doh*

if you have a same problem when serializing SQLAlchemy resultproxy to json, maybe this trick will help you :))

so, I have a model, look like this:

then I add one property, so my model now look like this:

and the usage:


06 Oct

[python] Join two list with specified identifier

so I have two diferent data, but they had a relationship in between, a good relationship. and I need to ‘join’ them. thinking for a while and I came with this:

in action:


simple right?

31 Jul

[Tuts] Sql Select Column ini Jika Kondisi begini

Hai, hari ini nemu kasus dimana saya harus ngambil column A hanya jika column Z bernilai ‘paket‘ dan saya harus mengambil column B hanya jika hasil pengecekan kondisi pertama bernilai false.

nah, ternyata mysql punya query untuk permasalahan seperti ini, menggunakan Sql Case

jadi, sql querynya begini:

Joinnya banyak yah, hehe.
Mumet? sama :D

09 Jul

[jscript] Javascript Sleep function

few days ago, i was stumbling around how to implement a javascript sleep function, after a quick reading. I found this snippet.

so. here is how to implement sleep in javascript code


15 Jun

[Tuts] Install Vim on windows 8 x64 + Vundle Package Manager

sebenernya ini ga penting penting banget, cuma karena lagi pengen masang gVim di windows dan rada ribet ketimbang nginstal vundle di linux jadi sepertinya emang perlu dicatet :D

install msysgit dari sini http://msysgit.github.io/
dan pastikan command bash dan git bisa diakses via cmd :D

pertama download vimnya dari sini

terus install seperti biasa, gw nginstallnya di

terus masuk ke directory tempat install vim tadi, ntar bakalan nemu struktur kayak gini

hapus semua file dan folder yang ada di directory vimfiles, terus masuk ke directory vim74, cut folder autoload-nya, terus paste ke folder vimfiles. lalu bikin folder bernama bundle di folder vim files.

okay, sudah sampai ke checkpoint pertama

buka cmd, masuk ke folder  F:\PLAYGROUND\APPS\Vim\ , lalu eksekusi command berikut  git clone https://github.com/gmarik/Vundle.vim.git vimfiles/bundle/Vundle.vim

tunggu, setelah selesai, edit file _vimrc, tambahin ini di line paling awal

tambahin ini setelah  behave mswin

jangan lupa ganti value dari path, sesuai dengan tempat kalian nginstall vim tadi, done.

disini udah sampai di checkpoint kedua

buka vim, dan eksekusi


tunggu selesai, dan sekarang tinggal masukin plugin lainnya yang ingin dipakai :D

okay, what next? ya tinggal migrasiin .vimrc dari distro linux kalian ke windows :D

berikut contekan _vimrc nya bisa dilihat disini

11 Jun

[snippet] Sorting Dictionary in Python

I think the code for sorting dictionary was self explained :)

05 Jun

[flask snippet] flask json, ordered or unordered

Flask, a python microfamework built in top of werkzeug and jinja2 has a beautiful configuration for keeping your json ordered or unordered.

here is the configuration for flask json ordering:

put it in your flask configuration files. keep in mind that this option  has True as a default value, and it will sort your json output, but if you want to sort your json with your own order, just turn that to False and manually sort your json object as you want :)

and all you should do is just pass the dictionary to flask’s jsonify() method.