10 Dec

Selenium Grid with PhantomJS


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Today I was installing a new box to be used as automatication server, for the hub I’m using selenium grid with PhantomJS as some of the webdriver that plugged in.

I’m using PhantomJS v2.0, downloaded it’s source from official site (http://phantomjs.org/), and compiling it in 4 core debian jessie VM.

the compilation work nicely, just follow along the build documentation (http://phantomjs.org/build.html) until I had an issue when running this command:

the output says:

googling for a while, and the problem was in the GhostDriver, so in case you had this issue, here is a quick solution:

edit src/ghostdriver/hub_register.js , comment or delete this following code:

recompile, and the problem is gone.

Here is the output after firing the same command:

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